1.Choose your Vendor & Equipment, then call us.  You decide what equipment you need, and negotiate your best price.  You can use national or local vendors, and used equipment is not a problem.  We can group multiple vendors on a single lease.

2. Fill out our simple, one page application. For financing up to $250,000 there is no need to provide any financial statements or tax returns. Just fill out our simple application.  Click here to apply.

3. Choose your Financing & Payment Options. We will offer several options in “plain English” – you choose what type of financing best suits your budget.  You also select from our various payment plan options that accommodate a variety of payment plan requirements.

4. Fast Approval! We underwrite and approve our financing.  No waiting on banks or committees.

5. Sign your Agreement. We’ll send documents for your signature, and you’re all set! Congratulations!

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